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With over 20 years of commercial debt recovery experience, our clients can be assured that maintaining a high standard is our priority. CCS is committed to developing a program suited to each individual client with new ideas and procedures as the industry changes. Our goal is to collect your money in a timely manner and not create diversions with endless reading material and rhetoric. CCS understands that your job is important too.

The lifeblood of CCS

Our resources enable CCS to provide up to date information in real time. We rely on our professionals to acquire information, not outdated credit or business reports. When a debtor tells you they can’t pay, CCS will often be able to tell you why and assist in taking our clients from a low priority to # 1 in less than 30 days.

In addition, CCS utilizes a worldwide network of private investigators and attorneys, which have the ability to interview face-to-face and demand our client’s money from the debtors’ backyard. Provided your accounts meet the criteria.

We understand what matters most to our clients. Today is just as important as the day you opened your doors. Continuing to generate growth is the lifeblood of continuing success. Spinning your wheels on past due accounts will not allow you to focus on the continued success of your organization. THIS IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF CCS! We assist our clients with no charge unless we successfully recover their money.

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