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Q: What Do I do when the debtors or the debtor’s attorneys calls me?

A: Refer the debtors back to CCS at 951-877-4141. Let them know our agreement is that CCS represents you and will be handling all the communication and correspondence. Then contact CCS and give us an update as to who called, when and what happened. A CSS representative will take over from there and let you go back to making your company money. Keep in mind, the debtor is looking for an easy way out and sometimes they think playing us against each other will accomplish this. It is essential to your success to assist CCS in maintaining its credibility.

Q: What if the debtor wants to pay me?

A: If the debtor is willing to pay the balance immediately, please feel free to take their money. If there is any deviation, refer to the first question. No matter how hard they promise or sincere they sound, anything less than the balance is unacceptable and CCS must be involved in the negotiation. Debtors will often makes promises to get CCS to stop the collection efforts. Keep in mind, they probably already did this to you.

Q: What if the debtor disputes the account and wants information?

A: Refer them back to CCS and let them know we will provide them with any answers they need. Then provide the information to CCS and we will handle the legwork. Remember the debtor could have done this prior to collection and is most likely trying to buy more time. Maintaining communication between CCS and our clients is imperative. If we are always on the same page, the debtors will not have the opportunity to stall any longer.

Q: What if I receive a check?

A: Do not deposit it until CCS is notified. Please call CCS at 951-877-4141 with the check information or email a copy to CCS needs to know the specifics of the payments for many various reasons. We want to make sure you interests are protected as well as ours. Making sure the check is not endorsed incorrectly and/or making sure it is the correct amount is a crucial element to staying in control.

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