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Customer Resources

Meeting Between Colleagues

Credit application
CCS clients may utilize our custom credit application. It is designed not only for establishing credit but more important, when the costumer becomes a debtor.

Preferred Client Remit  
Our standard remit is the 15th of the following month the money is received. Our preferred clients will have the opportunity to tell us what works for them and CCS will attempt to deliver upon request.

Database Search
CCS clients have the advantage. Simply contact us with the customer in question and CCS will run them through our database to determine the level of risk.

Client Input
CCS prides itself on getting better. In doing so, we need your input. Anything you would like to see or suggest is greatly appreciated. We will do everything we can to meet your needs and simplify your life.  

Global Coverage
CCS professionals are willing to reach out where most won’t. If there is a unique case, ask us about it. CCS works with the American Embassy’s and Trade Commission’s as well as many other resources worldwide.  


Legal Referral
CCS will provide our clients with an alternative when needed. Contract review, answering questions, and the inevitable litigation.  

Review and input
CCS would like our clients to have every advantage possible. Our existing clients will have the ability to seek out information and resources on their current accounts also. CCS will be glad to give you suggestions.

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