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Business Meeting

Network of Private Investigators

CCS has the ability to face to face with the debtors. Phone calls and letter are accepted practices but not the choice of CCS. We believe in going the extra step, not repeating steps. Our clients understand that knowledge is power and results are what matter.

Bad Check Recovery

CCS works with the District Attorney’s office, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and Police Departments throughout in order to uncover the truth. Whether or not the successful recovery is possible or probable.

Rates and Remit Program

CCS will coordinate a comprehensive program that suits our client’s needs. Our rates vary on age of the account, # of placements, and amount of the placements. We will remit to our clients within 30 days of receiving funds from the debtor. Please inquire about our preferred program.

Asset and liability Search

While credit/business reports are an easy source of information, they are not always the most accurate. If a debtor has bad credit but just placed an order with your competitor, how would you know? CCS will tell you. Our trained professionals will attempt to interview with Creditors, Vendors, Bankers, Landlord, Suppliers, etc. and will often be able to provide you the source of the problem.



Whether you need a letter or legal representation, CCS will assist you directly or refer you to a qualified professional who can provide the support you need. The referral will not result in additional fees to CCS. Why would you pay a collection agency to sue on your behalf? Ask CCS for an honest answer.

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